5 Tips for Shower Safety
9 Nov 2017

We’d Love to Share Theses 5 Tips for Shower Safety

  1. Make sure there is a secure, non-slip mat on the floor of the shower or tub. This will help prevent slipping while in the shower.
  2. Place grab bars (preferably drilled into wall vs. suction cup) at entrance of tub and along wall inside tub. These will provide added stability while stepping in and out as well as while bathing. For those people concerned with cosmetics grab bars now come in various styles and finishes. Your bathroom does not have to look like a hospital room.
  3. A seat in shower allows someone to rest when fatigued, or to sit to wash lower legs, avoiding bending and possibly falling. You can either place a fold-down seat on the wall, use a built in bench, or buy a shower chair (ideally with a back) from a local pharmacy. Insurance companies will not pay for these chairs with the exception of Medicaid. A hand-held shower head makes bathing easier when seated. These can be found at any Home Depot, Lowe’s or major department store, and do not require a professional for installation.
  4. Ensure proper lighting in the shower area. Use maximum wattage allowed in light fixtures and replace bulbs that have blown out. If you have a window in the bathroom you can take advantage of the natural light by removing curtains and placing a frosted adhesive to the window.
  5. Place a non slip mat on the floor outside the shower to prevent slips and falls when stepping out with wet feet. This mat should be picked up off the floor except when bathing.

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