Take Back Your Weekend
28 Aug 2017

Can you remember what Friday afternoons felt like when you were a kid? It was a magical time. School let out and you had 2 full days and nights to yourself! It was a time to spend with friends, family, playing outside, taking road trips, and watching Saturday morning cartoons. Most of us have fond memories of our weekends when we were young.

As we grew up, our weekends became less magical. First they were filled with what seemed like endless homework and studying, then part-time jobs and obligations with chores at home. Some of us resisted, but inevitably we all aged and became responsible adults.

What does your weekend look like now? Many of us work at least part of our weekend. Those of you with school-aged children spend your time running between birthday parties, soccer games, gymnastics, or whatever other extra-curricular activity your child may be involved in. When we aren’t working or running around with the kids, we can be found at the grocery store, dry cleaners, Costco, the car dealership getting the oil changed, picking up around the house, or any of the dozens of mundane, necessary errands that consume our lives.

Do you even remember what you like to do for fun? When was the last time you had a chance to do this activity? If you didn’t have to spend your Saturday running around, what would you do? There are friends we haven’t seen but promise, via text, to “get together soon.” Some of us would love a few hours to actually relax in the yard we work so hard to maintain – the yard that sold the house – but we only catch glimpses of it out the window as we walk by. What would you do if you had more time? We could all be a little happier and more relaxed if we could re-capture some of that “magic” we once had.

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