Would You Die For Your Throw Rug?
5 Oct 2017

We all have at least one throw rug somewhere in our home. Maybe it’s your mat by the door to wipe feet before entering, or the one at the kitchen sink to absorb the water that spills onto the floor. Perhaps you have the mats in your bathroom so you don’t have to step on a cold tile floor with your bare feet in the middle of the night. Many people have runners down the hallway. Then there are the throw rugs that sit on top of wall to wall carpeting. Most people don’t even realize they have a rug because it’s been there for so long. No matter the type, location, or use, throw rugs can be very dangerous to certain people.

No, your rug will not jump up and attack you, or purposely knock you over. But if you are unsteady on your feet, walk with any type of walker or have impaired vision, throw rugs can do more damage than you could ever imagine. Including the ones with the non-slip rubber bottoms. The issue is that when you walk over one of these small rugs you can accidentally lift the corner up with your foot or walker and trip over it. Even if you know it’s there. Even if it’s been there for 52 years and that’s never happened. You have never been in the condition you’re in today. If this happens it will most likely catch you off guard. It’s almost impossible to recover your balance when you’re taken by surprise like this. You may not be able to untangle your feet in time. And if you’re in the kitchen or bathroom – good luck finding a soft place to land. There are many people who have suffered brain and spinal cord injuries, fractures and internal bleeding because they tripped over the throw rug they insisted wouldn’t cause a problem.

Of course we need a rug for certain things, like when we step out of the shower, or by the door on rainy or snowy days. The rug can be lifted up off the floor after each shower and placed outside the door when the inclement weather subsides. The less time and fewer places you have the rugs the lower your risk is of falling. And once you fall you can’t “unring the bell” as they say. By then it can be too late to decide to lift them up. So, are you willing to risk your life for your throw rug?

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