Waiting for Contractors/Repairs/Estimates At Your Home

Why waste precious time waiting for a contractor or repair person? Or are you nervous about being home alone with a contractor? Your personal assistant will wait at your home and oversee all work being completed. We can send photos of the completed work prior to the contractor leaving the premises. If you are getting estimates for a new project we can explain the scope of the job, ask the questions you provide and collect estimates for your review.


If you’re going away for any length of time and prefer not to leave your home vacant overnight we can stay at your home during the requested hours.

Home Check-In During Travel

Do you always ask neighbors or family to check on your house or bring in your mail while you’re away? Now you don’t have to. We will check in at your house daily, bring in the mail, put out trash and recycling, water your plants, feed dogs, cats, birds and fish, and re-stock groceries for your return. We can even walk your dog!


Laundry can be done in your own home, under your supervision, or can be taken out to a laundromat and returned to you clean and folded. You can either provide the products you prefer for your laundry or we can purchase them on your behalf.

Home Organization

Do you have difficulty finding things in your home? Is there no rhyme or reason as to where things go? We can assist with setting up systems to automate organization, de-clutter, and sort all items in the designated areas. Spend less time looking for things and more time enjoying them!


Moving can be stressful. Let us get you settled quickly and take the burden of packing or unpacking off of you and your family. We can provide materials/boxes, wrap, pack and label, and stack the boxes neatly in the requested area. When unpacking we will break down all boxes and ready them for pick up for you.

Shiva Coordinator

We can take care of coordinating all aspects of the shiva to allow you to mourn and focus on your family during this somber time. Your assistant will coordinate with your synagogue to inform  the community of the location and hours of the shiva, as well as where to send donations if so requested. Your home will be set up according to your preferences. Food delivery and donations can be managed by the assistant. Visitors will be attended to as per your wishes.

Light Housekeeping

Let us keep your house looking it’s best in between visits from your cleaning service. We are happy to wash dishes, sweep the floor, wipe down countertops, and vacuum.

Pet Care
Don’t have time to take Fido or Fluffy to the groomer or vet? We can handle that for you! Or perhaps you’re traveling and, instead of boarding, you want your pets to be cared for at home as if you were there. We can stop by your home as frequently as you’d like to feed your dogs, cats, birds, or fish. We can also walk your dog(s) and let him get some exercise outside.
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