On-Site Meal Preparation

Food delivery is great but there’s nothing like a home cooked meal. We can even pick up the groceries if necessary. Your meals will be prepped to your liking, in your kitchen. We will place meals in separate containers and label them for you. We adhere to your dietary restrictions, such as low sodium.

Meal Delivery

Do you have a favorite restaurant but they don’t deliver? Has a friend or family member prepared food for you but is unable to bring it to you? We can deliver for you! We will ensure that food remains at the appropriate temperature until delivery. Cold foods stay cold and hot food will be hot upon delivery.

Grocery Shopping

Perhaps you are incredibly busy with work and your personal obligations. Maybe you’re older and it’s difficult to get to the store or carry the bags. Or, if you’re like many people, you want a stocked refrigerator but you don’t want to do the shopping. We will go to the store or stores of your choice, choose the highest quality items of your preferred brands, deliver them to your home in our coolers and put them away for you.

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