Check-In Service

We will check in on your loved one as often as you would like, from once a week to 7 days a week. We give you peace of mind by making sure they are not injured, have taken their medication, and are eating properly. We can take care of small household chores during our check in. We report to you according to your preferences and will inform you of any concerns right away. We will be your eyes and ears.

Medication Reminders

Eliminate the worry over whether or not your family member is remembering to take their medication. We can call at a specified time to remind them to take the correct medications.

Companion for Appointments/Errands

Why struggle alone – let us help! While we do not provide transportation, we are willing and able to accompany you to a medical appointment or on errands. We can take notes for you during doctor visits and carry bags while running errands.

Prescription Pick-Up/Drop-Off

Many pharmacies do not deliver and a family member may not be available to pick up your medication in the timeframe you desire. We can drop off prescriptions for you, pick them up and deliver them to you as soon as they’re ready.

Technology/Computer Assistance

If you’re new to computers, or it was just never your thing, we can help. Assistance is available to set up a new computer, connect devices (such as printers), set up email, or any other computer issue you may be struggling with.

Hospital Visits/Deliveries

The comforts of home or a meal from a favorite restaurant can help make a hospital stay more tolerable. We are able to bring to you any items from home, a store, or a friend’s house. Take the burden of running around off of friends and family and let us bring what you need. We can also bring items back to your home from the hospital, or purchase items that you will need from the store and have your home ready for your return.

Bill Paying Assistance

Do you have a family member who struggles to keep track of their bills and checkbook, yet they may not yet be willing to hand this task over to someone else entirely?  Are there constantly funds that are unaccounted for? Let us assist them with writing checks, paying bills online or via the telephone, entering the payments into the register, marking bills paid with confirmation numbers, and balancing the checkbook. They stay involved in their finances and are able to keep track of every dollar.

Grocery Shopping

Perhaps you are incredibly busy with work and your personal obligations. Maybe you’re older and it’s difficult to get to the store or carry the bags. Or, if you’re like many people, you want a stocked refrigerator but you don’t want to do the shopping. We will go to the store or stores of your choice, choose the highest quality items of your preferred brands, deliver them to your home in our coolers and put them away for you.


Laundry can be done in your own home, under your supervision, or can be taken out to a laundromat and returned to you clean and folded. You can either provide the products you prefer for your laundry or we can purchase them on your behalf.

Dry Cleaning Pick-up and Drop-Off

When you need that go-to outfit but don’t have time to run it to the dry cleaner, we can drop it off, pick it up, and deliver it to your home, office, or other location.


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