Office Assistant

Small business owners often need extra help around the office or home office but are not interested in hiring an employee. Our personal assistants are available to support you and your business. Speak with us to find out if we are a good fit for your business.

Set-up and Clean-up for Events/Parties

Whether you are having a small, intimate dinner party at your home or a large, elaborate celebration, our assistants are available to make sure everything looks perfect and runs smoothly. We can assist with decorating, re-stocking items throughout event, and complete clean up afterward. You get to enjoy yourself and be a guest at your own party!


We can help you finally get rid of that pile of paperwork you’ve been “meaning to get to” on your desk. Your assistant will sort and file your papers as directed by you.

Pick-Up/Drop-Off to Clients

You’re busy running your business. You need all hands on deck but you also want to ensure that your clients’ needs are met. We can deliver and pick up items for your clients while allowing your trained staff to stay right where they’re most needed

Order and Pick-Up Supplies

Are you too busy to take inventory and order supplies? Or do you need them right away and can’t wait for delivery? Let us take the burden off of you and let you focus on the more important tasks to keep your business up and running.

Personal Errands

While you are focused on your business, we can take care of your personal errands, such as dry cleaning, grocery shopping, gift shopping/wrapping, planning that dinner party, or any other items on your to-do list.

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