Booking Reservations

Your personal assistant can make reservations at restaurants, spas, for automobile maintenance, pet care, the theater, or any other appointment you may need.

“Virtual Assistance”

Let us take care of travel arrangements online, redeeming your reward points for a product or service, placing online orders or sending emails on your behalf.

Product Research and Comparison

Perfect for the person who wants to purchase a quality product at a competitive price but does not have the time, or prefers not to spend time, researching online or over the phone. Are you in the market for a new car, household appliance, or other major purchase? Don’t spend your time and energy researching your options. Your personal assistant will go to dealerships, stores, and search online to get all the information you need to make the best decision.

Arrange Travel Plans

Finding the best price for the trip you want to take can be time consuming. We can research flights, accomodations, rental vehicles, ground transportation, travel packages, cruises, or any other travel related service you need. Once you decide on the plans we can book it for you. Perhaps you need certain items upon arrival at your place of lodging. We can arrange to have whatever you may need available to you. This service requires a credit card in your name for all bookings. We ask that you be available via phone or email during the research period due to the need to lock in rates within a short timeframe in many instances.

Our Partners